Runway Weather Information Systems

Advanced Snow and Ice Control Technology


Runway Contaminant Depth


Intelligent Ice Control

Superior Solutions for Airports

Weather is the most common cause of delays at airports. Boschung America offers comprehensive solutions that allow airport operations and maintenance personnel to understand the pavement condition, including freeze point, chemical concentration, and contaminant depth, enabling them to make time critical decisions to limit the impact of weather on their operations, eliminating potentially unsafe airport surface conditions.

Monitoring is accomplished with sensors embedded in the pavement surface, as well as mounted atmospheric sensors. Sensor data is collected, processed and available to all airport personnel through a web-based software solution or smartphone and tablet App. Systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of your airport.

Treatment provided by Boschung’s Fixed Automatic Anti-Icing Systems and Pavement Sensor Systems is proven to enhance airport safety while reducing maintenance costs.

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