Runway Contaminant Depth

Runway condition monitoring is an important tool for Air Traffic Control (ATC), pilots, and airlines alike.

Runway Contaminant Depth System

Contaminants on the surface of an airport runway compromise the friction level of the pavement causing a detrimental impact on braking action of landing aircraft. The Runway Contaminant Depth (RCD) System identifies deteriorating runway friction due to weather contaminants such as water, slush, snow and ice. Unlike other pavement sensor systems, the Runway Contaminant Depth system measures the exact depth and type of contaminant along with the total percentage of runway covered. Data from the RCD system can be used to support Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) reporting proposed by the FAA.
The RCD System consist of proven Boschung America technology, including the RCM 500 NT remote processing unit, the IT-Sens® RCD sensor, the NI/SH precipitation sensor, and the BORRMA-web visualization software. Data is collected from the network of RCD pavement sensors, processed and disseminated to users through the BORRMA-web visualization software and RWIS APP.

Technical Data

Runway Condition > Dry, contiminated

Contaminan Type > water, slush, snow, ice

Contaminant Depth > 0-18 mm

Resolution > 1 mm

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