Boschung America, LLC, headquartered in New Castle, PA, is a leading provider of road and runway weather technology. We are committed to providing operations and maintenance professionals with tools needed to make evidence based decisions, which affect the safety and efficiency of the roads and runways they manage. Products provided by Boschung include: Roadway and Runway Weather Information Systems (RWIS); Fixed Automated Anti-Icing Systems (FAST); and Maintenance Decision Support Software (MDSS).

Boschung America is the North American Partner of the Swiss based Boschung Mecatronic, part of the Boschung Group. The Boschung Group has a rich history of almost 70 years and is a worldwide leader for the development and manufacturing of vehicles and equipment in the fields of surface cleaning and maintenance for airports, highway and roads, as well as for cities and municipalities. Boschung Mecatronic specializes in ice early detection systems for roads, highways and municipalities, fixed automated anti-icing spray technology, road and runway management software, ITS and control units.

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