Geoff Bing

General Manager

Geoff Bing brings over 25 years of sales and business management experience related to environmental technology to Boschung America. As General Manager, Mr. Bing monitors overall business development, project planning and assures performance goals for safety, quality, and customer satisfaction are achieved.

Eric Cottone

Business Development Manager

Eric Cottone brings over 12 years of Sales and Sales Management experience to Boschung America.  As Business Development Manager, Mr. Cottone oversees the sales and marketing strategies, and is responsible for account and sales partner management.

Bill Hensel

Manager of Operations

Bill Hensel’s roots are in construction and engineering and he brings over 30 years of design engineering, project and construction management and operational experience to Boschung America. As the Manager of Operations, Mr. Hensel is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and ensures that our team is properly prepared to maximize customer satisfaction and company success while achieving a safe work environment for our employees and customers.

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