Fixed Automatic Anti-Icing Systems

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Boschung's Fixed Automated Spray Technology (FAST) system is designed for proactive pavement surface treatment using anti-icing liquid that is sprayed on to highways, roads, bridges, parking garages, ramps, and other paved surfaces to prevent the formation of ice or bonded snow.

This proactive, approach ensures an increase in road safety, improved traffic flow, savings on anti-icing solution, and reduced environmental impact.

The anti-icing solution is sprayed in a uniform manner on to the paved surface using:

  • Spray nozzles mounted in the parapet
  • Spray discs in the paved surface itself
  • Innovative microFAST technology that reduces required road equipment by 3X

This guarantees efficient, cost-effective and ecological spreading of the anti-icing solution, which can be triggered manually by remote control or automatically. Automated activation is achieved using weather and pavement information delivered through the Ice Early Warning System (GFS 3000) when the risk of ice formation is identified according to pre-set parameters.

Fixed Automatic Anti-Icing Systems can be visualized and monitored via BORRMA-web software. This cloud-based user-friendly management software provides a comprehensive FAST system overview at any time.

Boschung America is North America’s leading provider of fixed anti-icing systems for road surfaces. These systems are proven to reduce winter-related traffic accidents and winter road maintenance costs.

Boschung's Fixed Automatic Anti-Icing Systems include. . .

Traditional Disk (FAST)

Fixed Automated Spray Technology

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The revolutionary anti-icing spray technology!

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Mini Thawing System

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The revolutionary anti-icing spray technology!

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