Mini Thawing System

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Boschung’s patented Mini-Thawing System (MTS) allows prevention and removal of black ice in winter conditions while being ecologically and economically friendly. It is particularly suitable for small-surface applications and is a cost-effective alternative for parking lots, car washing installations, underground garages, and tunnels.

The Mini-Thawing System’s main characteristic is its easy assembly and minimum installation costs. Benefits of the MTS include low maintenance costs, easy operation and long service life. Thanks to unobstructed access, the system is highly maintenance-friendly.

The Boschung MTS is:

  • Spray strips or spray heads which can be easily installed
  • A control unit, pump and storage tank that take up very little space
  • Ideal for retrofit applications
  • Triggered manually by remote control or automatically via information from an Ice Early Warning System (GFS 3000) station

The patented MTS allows prevention and removal of black ice in winter conditions while taking environmental and budgetary requirements into account.

mts description2
  1. Pump-station
  2. Control unit with manual release (or by radio signal)
  3. Valve with spray head
  4. Piping
  5. Can be automatically triggered via ice early warning station





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