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The BORRMA-web software collects different types of data from Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and Fixed Automated Spray Technology (FAST) systems on a central database. All data is shown both textually and graphically on an interactive map.

BORRMA-web is a web-based tool avaliable online anywhere there is an internet connection.

At any time, the Traffic Management and Roadway Maintenance Crews have access to current and historical data, to weather forecasts, and an overview of each system, provided on the same screen and in real time.

The alarms triggered by the Boschung weather information systems are centralized and distributed. Various information on the state of the roadways, weather conditions and equipment status give important information to support decision making. This information in real time makes it possible to optimize the treatments, as well as provide dynamic guidance to roadway management.



The BORRMA-Web software is built in different modules. The software can be customized for each customer according to their needs.

BORRMA-web can be provided as a software solution, operated and managed on our customer’s servers, or as a hosted solution, operated and managed by Boschung America in our data center.
Data is accessed through a secure internet connection; offering a high level of data security and availability.

BORRMA-web Features


  • Positioning of the installations on a dynamic map
  • Data can be viewed in real time


The ‘Dynmap’ module is based on a dynamic map. The pavement sensor systems, weather stations and the fixed automatic spray technology systems are displayed at their locations on the dynamic map. Textual and graphical information can be viewed and analyzed before, during, and after storms, to better plan treatments, monitor current conditions, and review actions taken to improve future operations.

BORRMA-web basic

The basic functions of the software BORRMA-Web BASIC are:

  • Mobile access
  • Graphic or numerical display of the data in real time or in history.


The ‘BORRMA-Web BASIC’ module makes it possible to visualize detailed informations concerning all the stations on the customer's network. This information, along with the associated alarms automatically generated by the system, makes it possible to precisely know the state of the pavement in a customer's network.

The main functions of the software BORRMA-Web BASIC are:

  • Mobile access from a smartphone or a tablet
  • Graphic or numerical posting of the values of the stations in real time
  • Graphic posting of the historical data of the stations
  • The activity history of the fixed automated spraying system FAST/microFAST’
  • Information and summary concerning the characteristics

Station Export


The Station Export module allows users to export RWIS station data in .csv format. Users may select the specific station and date/time range for the data to be exported. This allows the user to easily access station data and create custom reports.



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The ‘SAM’ module allows the transmission of alarms (SMS, Pager, E-Mail). Various scenarios, time frames, etc. can be configured.



The ‘SAM’ module (Signalisation & Alarming Management) enables the user to establish individual rules and scenarios for alarms on the base of the acquired data.

The alarms are transmitted to the user in various ways, including SMS, e-mail and beeps on the PC:

  • Treatment of alarms (create, remove & modify)
  • Simple alarm chains (easy construction)
  • Complete scenario (with escalation)
  • Release of alarms on SMS, E-mail, pager or in the Borrma-Web, and present windows of time

Maintenance Decision Support System

In addition to being able to indicate real time surface condition risk levels, BORRMA-web is also capable of forecasting risk levels and making early warning predictions of conditions of the pavement segments covered by the RWIS network. The basis of the forecasting method used in the BORRMA-web software works to predict future surface level weather condition by combining 72 hour atmospheric forecasts and thermal mapping information with surface level trend data provided by the RWIS Network. BORRMA-web is capable of forecasting conditions up to 72 hours into the future.

BORRMA-web is predicting different states of danger, indicated by changing color of the pavement segment. Green indicates no danger, yellow means danger level 1, orange means danger level 2, and red shows danger level 3.

BORRMA-web is also capable centralizing all weather forecasts for the department in one location. It will display text weather bulletins from the customer’s selected weather forecaster or the National Weather Service, provide weather alarms and notifications, and show satellite and radar imagery overlaid on RWIS network.

Software architecture

The operating system “BOS" (Boschung Operating System) allows a status of maximum availability. It integrates LINUX and KVM and offers the following advantages to the client: 

  • Stability
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Durability


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