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Boschung America’s latest generation of Road Weather Systems, including Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and roadALERT, represent the most comprehensive range of products used to monitor pavement status and weather conditions during winter maintenance operations. The unique measurement principles and technologies used in the sensors, electronics and software result in the most reliable and accurate detection of potentially dangerous surface conditions. RWIS and roadALERT systems will provide you with the comprehensive real-time weather data you need to make intelligent decisions about the safety roadways.
The Pavement Sensor Systems are generally comprised of a combination of pavement and atmospheric sensors, a Remote Processing Unit (RPU) and visualization and analysis software. Depending on the application, the pavement sensors measure – among other parameters – the surface temperature, the freezing point temperature, pavement surface condition and contaminant depth. With the aid of meteorological sensors, the Remote Processing Unit records the type and intensity of precipitation, visibility, air temperature, relative humidity and any other parameters required by the customer. All data collected by the RPU is transmitted to a local or hosted server running the BORRMA-web software. BORRMA-web provides comprehensive real-time analysis of all pavement and atmospheric data.
Boschung America’s unique integrated alarms, as well as user configurable alarms, provide all necessary advanced warnings needed to make important decisions at the right time during all winter events. Situation-related, user-friendly displays based on a geographical map enable the user to assess the overall situation at a glance.
Other main components for use in winter maintenance operations – including Fixed Automated Spray Technology (FAST) systems – can be integrated into the same management software in order to provide decision-makers with the most important information, in real time, so that they can make the optimum use of all the resources at their disposal.

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