Monitor a network of roadways.

Boschung’s roadALERT RA-10 provides a cost effective method for monitoring pavement conditions on a network of roadways and bridges with data gathered by Boschung’s IT-Sens pavement sensor. roadALERT provides advanced road condition assessment and includes everything needed to quickly begin monitoring pavement sensors and overall road conditions.

Fully compatible with BORRMA-web and all pavement sensors, roadALERT is ideal for roads, bridges, tunnels, intersections, and rest stops - Anywhere problematic road conditions occur.

The Boschung roadALERT RA-10 combines the IT-Sens in-pavement condition sensor with the BORRMA-web cloud-based software. Utilizing IP communication, data is transferred to the Boschung BORRMA-web hosted website, which provides real-time road condition information and alarms.

Based upon road conditions and pre-established or programmed condition alarms, resources can be deployed at the right time to the right place.

Added features and benefits of roadALERT RA-10 are:

  • Self-installation
  • Cost effective pavement condition information
  • A simple way to densify your existing RWIS network

Measuring Stations

RCM 500 NT

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