Road Weather Information System

Road Weather Information Systems

The Road Weather Information System (RWIS) is generally comprised of the Remote Processing Unit (RPU), pavement and atmospheric sensors, and data analysis and visualization software. RWIS is also known as Environmental Sensor Station (ESS).
The backbone of the Boschung America RWIS is the RCM 500 NT, Road Condition Monitor, a powerful and flexible remote processing unit that can integrate any combination of pavement and atmospheric sensors for collecting the detailed data required to give you the tools needed to improve the safety and efficiency of your maintenance operations. With features such as remote configuration and serviceability, RCM 500 NT is designed to reduce maintenance costs and unnecessary site visits.
Boschung America’s RWIS allows for the use of passive, or a combination of both passive and active, pavement sensor options. Utilizing the IT-Arctis® active sensor technology in your RWIS provides the most accurate freeze point information regardless of type of anti-icing solution being used. Active sensors do not require calibration when switching anti-icing solution types, which is a major benefit over passive-only systems.The IT-Sens passive sensor provides pavement status, such as dry, moist, wet or slippery, water film thickness, anti-icing solution concentration, and calculated freeze point. Coupling the IT-Sens and the IT-Arctis as part of your RWIS provides the most advanced freeze point monitoring.
The IT-Sens and IT-Arctis are solid construction, completely self-contained, and remain sealed and water tight, with no risk of water intrusion.
As an option, the pavement sensors can be installed in a sensor enclosure that allows the entire sensor to be removed and replaced in about 20 minutes, reducing lane closure time. The case is an IP-68 rated water tight housing that has been load tested to withstand the heaviest vehicles.
The Boschung America RWIS can be configured with atmospheric sensors, including air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation type and occurrence, and atmospheric pressure. The RWIS provides flexibility to choose and configure many types of sensors to design a system that best suits your needs.
Boschung America’s web-based management software, BORRMA-web, provides a user-friendly display of the RWIS data on a geographical map of your region or state, allowing personnel to get a full overview of the status of the highways and surface conditions in real time. Built-in alarms, as well as user configurable alarms, provide all necessary advanced warnings needed to make decisions about maintenance operations. Alarm notifications are displayed on BORRMA-web and can be sent via email and text message to maintenance personnel.
Other main components for use in winter maintenance operations – including Fixed Automated Spray Technology (FAST) systems – can be integrated into the same management software in order to provide decision-makers with the most important information, in real time, so that they can make the optimum use of all the resources at their disposal.

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