RF/TL 500

Measures Air Relative Humidity and Temperature

rftl 500The RF/TL 500 sensor measures the air relative humidity and temperature. An integrated electronic unit processes the air humidity signal and produces a linear signal proportional to the relative humidity. The housing uses natural ventilation to accelerate elimination of condensation on the measuring head. A protective filter covers the sensitive elements of the measuring head. This filter is used to obtain the best response time in an environment close to a main road.

The sensor itself is protected from foul weather by a weatherproof casing. It is also protected against direct, indirect and distributed radiation. This protection is designed so that the temperature distribution is uniform internally and very close to the temperature of the outside air. Natural ventilation guarantees a very rapid response time for measurements.



  • Combined measurement of air humidity and temperature.
  • RS485 output
  • Shape of housing guaranteeing optimum protection under all atmospheric conditions.
  • For harsh environments

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