IT-Arctis Active Sensor

Active Sensor for Measurement of Freezing Point Temperature

Active Sensor for Measurement of Freezing Point Temperature

it arctis

The active sensor IT-Arctis (Active Road/Runway Condition Temperature of Ice Formation Sensor) allows measuring the exact active freezing point by cooling the sensor itself down to 15°C below the current pavement temperature.

The freezing point temperature of the anti-icing agent-water-dust mixture located on the surface of the sensor is measured independently from the used anti-icing agent. This is particularly significant for airports, where in certain areas salt is not allowed to be used for anti-icing.

The IT-Arctis provides the required accuracy for freezing point temperature measurement. 

The direct RS485 output provides outstanding flexibility in any existing and future Boschung systems as well as in other independent systems, such as Traffic Management Systems.

The sensor can be installed in an extended housing, allowing sensor replacement in about 20 minutes.  


  • Active freezing point temperature measuring sensor by cooling
  • Freezing point temperature measurement independent of the anti-icing agent type
  • Minimal height (41.5 mm) for easy installation in the pavement
  • Optionally available with extended housing
  • Rs485 output, open protocol

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