Pavement and atmospheric sensors collect the data, weather stations collect, package, and send it, and the management software processes and displays it. As part of a Road Weather Information System (RWIS), the weather station is a critical part of the process, acting as the intermediary for the data and consequent analysis.

Designed for use with both the pavement and atmospheric sensors, Boschung weather stations prepare the data collected and transmit it to the BORRMA-web software. The weather stations are Remote Processing Units (RPU) which utilize IP communication to provide real-time road condition information. Easy to install, these units are minimal, unobtrusive, and require minimal maintenance. 

The three different weather stations Boschung produces are:

RCM 500 NT

Winter under control!

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roadalert related


Monitor a network of roadways.

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GFS 3000

Ice Early Warning System

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