GFS 3000 Ice Early Warning System

The GFS 3000 Ice Early Warning System, produced by Boschung, is an important component of the Boschung Fixed Automated Spray Technology (FAST) System, which offers the best combination of road safety, environmental protection and cost-effectiveness.

Using Boschung active and passive sensor technology, as well as atmospheric sensors, the GFS 3000 continuously monitors conditions at and near the pavement surface. As the pavement approaches the freeze point and precipitation (i.e. rain, snow) is present, the Ice Early Warning System will determine when FAST system needs to be activated, spraying the pavement with anti-icing solution. This proactive approach prevents ice from forming on the pavement surface.  

Main characteristics

  • Self-calibrating temperature measurement (no maintenance required)
  • Auto-diagnostic for broken connections
  • Built-in short distance radio communication (for diagnostics and on-site configuration)
  • Built-in battery management
  • Event-driven download of stored data
  • TCP/IP compliant
  • Configurable as dual station

Boschung’s new GFS 3000 series is the result of over 30 years of experience in road and runway status / weather conditions monitoring for winter maintenance operations. The significant know-how gained with international and long-standing customers has been combined with state-of-the-art technology in this unique series of equipment.


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